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Prima is a collection of video pieces exploring the video art medium inspired by the early visual synth art of the 1970’s & 80’s. Collecting multiple Prima's will allow you to sequence them and create a new NFT with the combined videos.


The Prima series evolved from visiting the Nam June Paik exhibition at the Tate Modern and the subsequent exploration into video art. Prima is the first Forms series in video format. Each composition is created from layering texture repeatedly through multiple processes until the imagery that you see is formed.


As man has gone through the stages of evolution, it's had to piece together the Universe to create consciousness, understanding and interacting with the environment, navigating the dangers and being the danger itself.


Forms will airdrop 100 Prima NFTs to Soukan holders after opening up the remaining 900 for sale.


Airdrop date: 18th November


Prima is designed as an overall 16 minute 40 second sequence comprising of 10 second clips. Created as individual cycles to be viewed on their own as well as consecutively.

Forms is partnered with Mashdapp. A tool enabling the compounding of NFTs, therefore allowing the smart contract sequencing of Prima.


Mashdapp's asset wrapping smart contract enables on-chain sequencing, allowing Prima to show off the potential of the technology.

Through our partnership, and as the genesis project, owning a Prima will give you beta access and free 'mash fees' forever.


Own a piece of NFT history and enjoy exclusive benefits in partnership with Mashdapp.

Supply: 1000

Price: 100 ADA (85 ADA for whitelist mint)

Policy ID: 94da45ff1167645e70282e632a936f58879c1cbeb8741a691e909ceb

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