Accessing new, interesting NFT artwork on Cardano is not an easy task and usually comes at a price. Forms airdrops artwork, souvenirs and collaborative works to holders of Soukan at no extra cost.


31st January 2022

An abstract collection of 1,000 generative artworks inspired by the 'De Stijl' movement. Only wallets containing specific policy ID’s defined as ‘Rugpulls’ by our community will be granted access to mint.​

Forms airdropped 100 FRUGPULLS to Soukan holders before opening up the remaining 900 for sale.


Pavia Statue

20th February 2022

The limited collection of 400 Pavia statues commemorates the partnership between Pavia and Forms to bring interactive NFT galleries to the metaverse.

10 Jade editions and 390 Stone editions were airdropped to both the Pavia and Forms communities attached with a 10% royalty to fund development.​



26th April 2022

Synik is a talented film maker and director. 'Nocturn' is a zine showcasing Londons infamous underground rave culture and its nocturnal inhabitants.


475 limited editions and 50 rare editions were airdropped to the Forms community.

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-03 at 12.50.10 (1).png

Soukan Statue

17th June 2022

A commemorative statue NFT of the most iconic series from Forms, Soukan. Large versions of these statues can be seen in the first gallery video we released with our partnered metaverse, Pavia.


The total supply of 400 statues will be airdropped to Soukan holders only.


Architectural Abstractions


An abstract homage to cyanotype architectural blueprints inspired by our process of creating bespoke galleries for the metaverse.


225 Architectural Abstractions will be airdropped to holders of the Soukan series.

Abstract-Bluprints (21).jpg



Prima is a collection of video pieces exploring the video art medium inspired by the early visual synth art of the 1970’s & 80’s. Collecting multiple Prima's will allow you to sequence them and create a new NFT with the combined videos.

Forms will airdrop a total of 100 Prima artworks to holders of Soukan.